We manufacture, overhaul and repair a wide range of large industrial Commutators and these commutators can be up to thousands of KW in rating. These commutators includes V bounded commutators, external and internal shrink ring commutators, fiber glass band type commutators etc. These commutators are used  in a variety of DC motors and generators. The commutators are manufactured or repaired as per the drawings and specifications of the customers.

We can use existing copper and steel components for overhaul with new silver bearing copper and steel components. Commutators that are overhauled follow the same quality process as a new one is built.

Our Commutators undergo the following tests

  • Spin Test
  • Mechanical Test
  • Electrical Test

Our expertise in commutators has ensured that we have never had any failure for decades. Our experienced execution delivers these repaired commutators on time to keep your production running smoothly.

We have expertise and facilities to manufacture commutators of all dimensions with brush diameter up to 5000 mm and raiser diameter (flexible) up to 4800 mm. Most of these commutators are used in steel plants.

We have also manufactures moulded commutators.