We manufacture and supply moulded as well as fabricated Slip Rings from Copper, Copper Alloys (including Aluminium Bronze) and High Grade forged SS Rings. These Slip Rings cater to a wide range of LT & HT Motors (of various frame sizes) and Generators. We pride in the fact that we have zero rejections of our Slip Rings running successfully for more than 35 years.

Our key raw material used for Slip Rings undergo various chemical tests including

  • Chemical Test
  • NDT for Rings
  • HV Test as per specifications
  • IR Test
  • Hardness Test for studs.

Our Slip Rings undergo stringent quality tests before they are supplied.

The Slip Rings are manufactured or sourced as per the drawings and specifications of the customers.

Applications of Slip Rings include Wind turbines, Motors & Generators, Cranes, Reels & Winches, Marine, Packing Machinery,  Hydro Electric Plants, Steel & Cement Plants.

Slip Rings are also known as collector rings, electrical rotary joints, rotary electrical interfaces, swivels, rotating electricalconnectors.